USL in Video Game Form?

Photo courtesy of Twitter ( @carrasco1live )

Photo courtesy of Twitter (@carrasco1live)

For everyone who has been dying to play as a USL team on a soccer video game, your wish might have come true if we are to believe some Tweets that have been seen on Twitter yesterday. According to the Tweets, PESUniverse has added USL teams to it’s most recent mod for Pro Evolution Soccer 19.

PES is a direct competitor to the very popular EA Sports FIFA franchise. Although this is not an official part of the game, mods have allowed this dream to become possible. To receive the mod, you have to pay a subscription fee to PESUniverse, along with own a copy of PES 19. On top of that, the mod does not work for Xbox, so fans of the Microsoft gaming system are out of luck. You can read more about this on the Reddit post by user /u/FreshCubanBread here.

EDIT (3/7/19 10:04am)

Per our good friend Edison Ochoa from the Down in the Valley podcast, not every USL team is available.